Saturday, 28 July 2012

Week 2

Borough market and the Tate Modern, this was a really great day. Lots of the stalls at borough market offer free tasters and we decided to make a whole lunch of tasters, which was great (although there was a lot of bread with olive oil). My particular favourite was the mushroom pate, we also have some pics coming later. The Tate was also fantastic, we went to the tanks and we watched the 'clapping music' which was... well interesting. we also thought that the post-its on the wall were a really cute touch, and we enjoyed plastering our opinions all over and art gallery!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Week 1

Week 1: Southbank

check out the multicoloured sand box ( and possibly dive in like a 2 year old) XD
there is also a park with a playground near by, but it's often very busy. They recently had some stuff going on outside, some open rehearsals and stuff like that which is fun, but yeah..
London is very expensive, and there aren't many things to do for free in London. Our Challenge? over the summer holidays, we are going to find one new, fun thing, for teens to do in London, FOR FREE.

wish us luck.